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Q: Why does the check reader sometimes not read the check?

A: There are several reasons why a check may not be read properly. 1: Check reader is too close to a magnetic field such as a computer. SOLUTION: Move the reader a couple of inches to see if it works better. 2: Check Reader is dirty. SOLUTION: Contact us at 800-443-7878 or email us at and we will send you cleaning pads. 3: MICR line on check is poorly printed. SOLUTION: Manually key in the check (see image of Sample Check Image on the "Need Help?" drop down menu. 4: User may be inserting check backwards or jiggling the check. SOLUTION: Always insert the check smoothly with the front side of the check facing the middle of the reader until the check reader pulls the check through the horseshoe shaped path (see Verifier User Guide on the "Need Help?" drop down menu).


Q: What are credentials?

A: Your username and password


Q: What is high risk?

A: This is a check that is either drawn on a closed account or an account that has unpaid checks in the system.


Q: Should I accept a high risk check?

A: It is not recommended, but if you do, you run the risk of the item being returned.


Q: What do the recommendations in Yellow mean?

A: This information is populated because the checking account that is being verified is �New� information to the CheckCare system. If you do not know the person who is cashing the check, you will want to take additional steps to verify this information.  (Contact the bank, contact the issuer of the check, confirm the payee is the same name on the Driver�s license being provided.) These recommendations will be provided for the first 20 days you use the service so as to allow CheckCare to become familiar with your customer base.


Q: If I choose not to accept a check due to negative information being provided by your system do I have to print this information and give to the customer?

A: No


Q: If one of my regular customer�s is cashing a check that comes up as �high risk� with �unpaid items�. Should I accept it?

A: The system is providing you with the most current information available in the  negative database for the bank account the check is drawn on.  This does not necessarily mean the check will bounce, however, we do want you to be aware of the account status. 


Q: What is a �low risk� check?

A: This is a check drawn on an account that currently has no negative information in the system and is in good standing with the bank the check is drawn on.


Q: How do I install the check reader drivers?

A: The Magtek USB Mini Micr check reader drivers are on the 'Need Help?' drop down menu. Once you click on the 'Check Reader Drivers' link it will ask to save or run the usbdrivers.exe. Choose 'run'. It will then ask you to Unzip the drivers into the C:\MT3410 folder. Click 'Unzip' button. It will copy the 19 driver files. Click 'OK' and 'Close' buttons. Then you must run either C:\MT3410\32bit\install.bat or C:\MT3410\64bit\install.bat depending on which operating system you are using. You can run this from either the COMMAND PROMPT or WINDOWS EXPLORER. That completes the check reader drivers install.


If you have more questions please contact us at 800-443-7878 or email us at





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